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beeman falcon 1 not firing

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I tried a couple airgun forms
Still can't find an answer

I got the safety working correctly . there is a pin that goes across the barrel at the top above the
Firing area( trigger ) I think to hold it from sliding around so when a cocked it it just slid back .
Don't know how it just slid out nor how I found it ......but it still doesn't push the pellet out,everything els
Seems this work fine
Any ideas ,comments,suggestions would be appreciated
Thanks steyr223 Rob

valley ranch:
Hi, Just read your post. I have a beeman, trying to figure out what you are saying.

OK, in the trigger lope, the safety release is forward of the trigger. Are you saying it no longer comes of safety ? Another thing : Your home made pellet could have plugged the compressed air entry, have you checked that?


I looked the mechanism up and the safety sear really should not be pinned ,it needs freedom of motion.
remove the pin that you put in and try again.


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