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stocking stuffers:

Thanks to Ninja Prepper, who found me one of the elusive, sold out, Yari Titanium Sporks ! Great item. Going into my youngest dd's stocking ( backpacking themed gift recipient)

Other stockings are getting: Weleda hand cream; compass; pocket knife; mora knife -- and no socks this year. We will see who complains.

While I am not doing this this year in stockings, I think a silver round in each stocking, starting young, can realy add up and encourage savings. The first year, I would start them with a cute box or container ( pirate chest ) with a few coins, and add one each year via the stocking, different pattern each year to make an interesting collection.

2 girl teens in extended family are getting a pocket knife, and a round of silver, and a pair of cute socks, I think. But I cant find any dark, brooding, emo black maybe not

CPT Morgan:
May I offer that a great gift, certainly for males, is a .50 ammo can.  If they are metal, have a rubber seal, are of decent quality/shape, they are great for storing anything that will fit.  Stack-able and durable. 

You can't have too many blades.  Work Sharp sharpeners (manual or electric) really are as handy as they advertise them to be.  Impossible to have too much parachute cord or mule tape.  Ammo if you know the caliber of gun they own, is ALWAYS a winner.

For our office Christmas party I gave a lifestraw gift for the white elephant gift exchange.
It was well received.

Endurance turned me on to this handy little gem, and I'm giving a bunch of these away this season. 


These are great too.  Been carrying one in my pocket for a few months.   Very bright for the size, and you don't even know its there.


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