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The Spartan Dad:
Sometimes it helps if you can link the gifts with a hobby. My father enjoys rock climbing in the woods so we give him gifts that would help if something went wrong. Not major medical but things like a life straw. I think they have been better received tied into that then if they were just given in general though they could be used for anything.

--- Quote from: oktheniknow on December 18, 2015, 09:22:25 PM ---I'm getting together a gift box of stuff for my "little brother" who is away from home for the first time after joining the Navy.
Have playing cards, freeze dried fruit, energy drink packets, snacks, razors. Looking for some Patrick O'Brian sea books.
Got a mini maglite similar to this one -
He'll be shipping out on his world tour starting next year.

--- End quote ---

Those are excellent books.  Too bad the modern navy has stopped distributing prize shares.

I have been gifting various prep items for couple years to the whole family. Running out of ideas....this year I'm giving my wife couple more Galil mags and 5,56 ammo (in a watertight container) for her new rifle. Giving both her and my sister couple historical cookbooks from the 18th century, as these contain some very usable recipes and all of them are ment to be cooked over fire or in earthen ovens.
My brother in law is getting a mid-sized handy Fiskars axe. Both for him to have one and for me to keep him away from mine. Not like I was so mean, but a man's axe is his only and he should be the only one using it.
As for me, I'm quite sure I'm getting an antique Remington rolling-block shotgun, should be in great usable condition. Always wanted one of those, as I really like the simplicity of the mechanism and if it's usable, I think it would make a great addition to the more primitive part of my armory.

Considering getting these for my family:

Giving the Gift of Preps for 2016 Christmas:

The gift of power : 800Watt car inverter and hefty, 100ft long extension cord for my eldest ( who was worried in her last power outage about her 'fridge) Steve Harris picks for these

The gift of warmth:  US made Faribault wool blanket, their simple blanket, 1/2 off for last years color, 9 boxes of eco-recycled compressed fire logs and a large amount of kindling I have been making with the chop saw and scraps

The gift of get-home (or get-out) supplies, disguised as camping gear: Many things fall under this. My recipient is getting a packable down vest and a woodfired backpackstove

The gift of food preps: just make it cute and homemade,  brainstorming ideas, I may do some kind of dry mix or canned soups with store bought elderberry for the folks, they seem to be getting sick alot . Lots of misc. home canned items will be given out, carrot halapeno butter, jams, chow-chow, etc....which may inspire some to want to can, and in any case will be more shelf stable food for them

Last year I put a life straw in everyones stocking, as well as a pair of wool socks (and dark chocolate, I am not cruel)

Year before that, I put pocket knives in the stockings, and wool socks. I always put in wool socks, except Im not going to this year -- keep them guessing.

Playing cards are a good stocking stuffer prep. item

My eldest got canning equipment last year. I have given out good raincoats and backpacks, warm sweaters and hats, all of which are good preps without screaming "crazy prepper"


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