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MSB member benefit - would cost little, be worth a lot.

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The Infidel:
Still think this is a great idea. Built from the ground up, possibly in the open format of this forum, and more likely than not, having input from interested members, I think the risk would be very small.

You are right on the money. The adventure motorcycle world has exactly the same idea! As an adventure rider - toured on almost every continent - not much of an ice rider! - I have benefited by this system more times than I can count and have been happy to help others in need. This MN idea can work, and work well. All we need is the right system for organizing info, the right basic entrance requirements, a common understanding, and then this bird will fly.
Since there is potential for long term support and more danger plus responsibility involved, we are only differentiated by having requirements for acceptance. Adventure riders, once they set out, are in the club. An potential MN must be qualified first, then join/be accepted into the MN before they set out.

I think we should have identifying tattoos - you know with an MN in the middle surrounded by daisies or petunias.

Ok - too much caffeine this AM...

I am liking where this is going.

It seems to me that there needs to be a cross reference of skillsets and geography, as well as prioritization. Yes, Katrina hit those folks hard, but was localized. Even for example a Level 1 (low level, for lack of better definition) in an adjacent geography would be more than enough to assist a Level 4 from New Orleans who just needed a safe place to ride out the storm with no special needs other than shelter with clean sheets and a shower, and not paying for a hotel room.

However, if TSHTF and a Level 2 from New Orleans wanted a place to go in Memphis and the Level 4 there didnt see a use for those skills that were not all that valuable... Well, you get the idea.

So - ultimately, it all boils down to willingness to help on the part of the "rescuer."

I hate to send us off on a tangent, but the one other similar model I am aware of, is the aforementioned AlphaRubicon. Their model is one of recruitment and vetting. It is built on a culture of "fraternity" (not that it is all male, but in the sense of a brotherhood. They are honor bound to assist one another. The call goes out, if at all possible, everyone else responds. Of course, this has only been tested in small scale disaster.

How then do we determine commitment and obligation (self imposed?)

Mr. Bill:
This is going to sound really unfriendly and paranoid.  I apologize for that.  But...

MrBrazil, seeing as how your first post on TSP Forum was less than 24 hours ago, and none of us really know you, can you give us some reason to trust you?

I am not comfortable at all at the moment.

The Infidel:
In defense of mr brazil, I too am very new to posting on this forum . However I did poke around on here for months before my first post. Don't want to seem to brazen here but the give me a reason to trust you comment may have been a little to much. I do understand your concerns, but overall I think it's a great idea. Maybe it would help to just kick back and see how this thing gets put together instead of calling out a fellow prepper on a trust issue because he don't meet your required post count to be trustworthy. This is not meant to offend you or start an arguement, it's just my opinion.


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