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What Civilian Gun Training Schools Have You Attended/What Did You Think?

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My wife just took a class sponsored by Sentinel Concepts( for ladies only.  They worked with a local shop Weyer Tactical(weyerTactical.Com) at the Alliance Police range in Alliance Ohio(  The class she took was more of a real concealed carry class.  Not the one that is required by the state but a real how to.  She had nothing but good things to say about the instructor Tatiana Whitlock.  The price was very reasonable and the class size was small (6 I think she said).  She found the facilities at the range facility explant as well.

I have taken some non-shooting classes at Weyer Tactual and hope to take carbine and possibly shotgun classes in the next year or so.


--- Quote from: literacola on February 24, 2015, 04:28:56 PM ---Sorry if this is bringing up an old thread, but I took a defensive pistol course with Earnest Langdon a few years back, and he really was a great instructor! I really enjoyed my time in the course and learned a TON from him.

He's not in my neck of the woods very often, so I'm looking at taking Rifle course with either Fortress Defense or Tactical Response, anybody recommend one over the other?

--- End quote ---

My opinion is kind of biased now, but I initially started as a student with Fortress Defense before I started lending a hand and then taking a boatload of classes across the board and then becoming an Instructor with them. Frank Sharpe Jr. and Fortress are a great group of trainers. In the first class I ever took with them, Emergency Treatment of GSW's (TacMed), I was scoping them out for quality of information, their presentation, attitudes, demeanor, the whole shebang. I met 4 of the Instructors that day and I was sold on continuing to take additional training with them.

I have not been to Tactical Response yet, maybe this or next year. I've been a little busy the past 2-3 years training with John & Vicki Farnam, Henk Iverson, Tom Givens, Massad Ayoob and Jeff Chudwin.

So, to get back to my recommendation, check out Fortress Defense. By far the best information and training you can get and the price point is excellent.

I attended 360 Tactical Fundamentals of Pistol and Fundamentals of Carbine training. They are located in Houston.

Both were excellent because I really needed some grounding in the fundamentals even after being a "shooter" for a long time. I put "shooter" in quotes because after the class, I felt like I had been wasting ammo and effort all these years.

CR Williams:
In the last 18 months all the class I've taken were focused on CQB training both as an individual and in teams. So far, all of it was from Suarez International. Later this year I'll take one from Fight Focused Concepts. Thoughts on this:

One class used Airsoft for some of the training. The other did not and the one coming will not. Not having a live-fire component has been no drawback at all. Overall, some of the best training I've gotten has not required a shot fired.

I personally have less use for team training than some others do because I have no team and no likelihood of joining one where I'm at for now. Also, when something goes wrong it is highly likely that even if I did have a team I would not have that team with me when the emergency started. So I prefer a greater focus on individual training. If you do have a team where you're at, I would strongly suggest you going as a team to a course like this.


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