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What Civilian Gun Training Schools Have You Attended/What Did You Think?

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Thanks for the input, I'll check them out. 

James Y, you up for a trade?  AK fishing trip for one of your courses? ;D

Gray Ghost:
I recently, 3 months ago, went through Hoffner's Tactical Pistol I class (16 hours). Over all the class was worth the price of admission. It was fast paced, I learned a lot, my speed greatly improved, and my accuracy tightened up a good amount. One of the things I really liked was how much he lectured on and taught about the psychology of being involved in a situation where you are forced to draw your weapon.

The con. Hoffner only teaches one shooting stance. While his reasons behind it are very sound, I would have liked to have covered alternate stances more. My understanding though is that alternate stances are covered in the Tactical Pistol II or III.

I do plan to go back for Tactical Pistol II, Carbine, and Shotgun.

CR Williams:
Point Shooting Progressions - Suarez International - Roger Phillips instructing.
Close Range Gunfighting - Suarez International - Rick Klopp instructing.

Primo stuff. Game-changing information for a lot of the students attending. High-quality instructors. Good enough that I'm hosting them both at my local range this year for other courses (in Roger's case, to attend PSP; I'll be traveling to attend another course he will be doing this year as well).

Can anyone recommend anything good in Colorado?


--- Quote from: fndrbndr on February 18, 2010, 10:59:07 AM ---Can anyone recommend anything good in Colorado?

--- End quote ---

I know Tactical Response does a couple in Colorado, and I think Suarez does too.

Since I posted my above reply, I'd taken Fighting Rifle and Advanced Fighting Rifle from Tactical Response. Both were great classes. AAR:

Next up for me are Immediate Action Medical from Tactical Response and Zero to Five Foot Pistol Combat from Suarez International. Both are in May.

AMOK! knife fighting later in the summer.


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