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Sophie The Bunny

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Sister Wolf:
Meet Sophia (my version of "Sophie").  Took me 3 days to knit her up.  Ysolda (the young woman who created the pattern) has several links and helpful resources in the pattern, and a little search on youtube is all you need to figure out the rest.  She is knit on double pointed needles, and my version, Sophia, has swarovski crystals for eyes, and a crocheted gray choker (because she wanted one).  You can find the pattern for her here:


Hare of Caerbannog:
That is one good looking bunny.

Sister Wolf:

--- Quote from: Hare of Caerbannog on July 23, 2009, 05:06:36 PM ---That is one good looking bunny.

--- End quote ---

Thank you, Hare!  ;D  I have to knit several more of these (of course, with different names) before Christmas, so I'll post them here as well.

Very nice. ;)

Cute!!  I just might have to hire you to do some up for my girls!!   ;D  Hope you got reasonable rates!


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