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Gun purchase before election

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I bought more yesterday. I am not not purchasing for investment purposes. I am purchasing for my own lawful purposes. I say get whatever you want in now instead of tomorrow.

Apparently, quite a few are thinking that way.

An article in the Wash Post says guns and ammo sales up 8-10%

Heavy G:
From my conversations with gun store sales guys, people are coming in to get guns before the election.  Mostly ARs (we have a store in my area that specializes in black guns) and some AKs.  Some semi-auto pistols too.  Magazine sales are up and bulk ammo sales are way up.  There was a spike in sales around the time of the economic stuff in late September.

I recently read a newspaper story that concealed weapons permits in my state (Washington) were up 25% over last year.  Of course the newspaper didn't say it was because a socialist was about to be president but attributed it to people being reminded about gun rights after this summer's Heller decision in the DC gun ban case.

This summer a gun counter sales guy at Cabela's told me there'd be a line out the door of people trying to buy guns if Obama won ...


--- Quote ---Mostly ARs (we have a store in my area that specializes in black guns) and some AKs
--- End quote ---

How sad is it that this is why they need banned.  (to them)

Wouldn't it be interesting if someone did a survey of how many Americans have purchased beans, bullets and band-aids before the election.  There was a story on our local news that gun sales are up 15% in our area, but so are sales of alcohol.


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