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Thoughts on wireless security camera systems?

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Any new thoughts on this subject? Amazon links to decent setups? I don't want one as much for security as curiosity and keeping an eye on the kids. We are moving to our homestead in about 6 months and I was thinking a couple cameras might be cool. 3.5 acres, mostly to keep an eye on the kids and animals plus the ability to see who is coming down the driveway(ie mailman, friend, unknown). My cousin has one with it's own tablet for viewing, that would be cool. Being able to view over the phone or PC would be nice too but not a necessity. Any night vision cams decent enough to see wild life at night or would I be better off investing in a couple game cameras?

I've used various strategies over the years, some of which have proven highly effective, and others that have yet to be tested. Here are some thoughts.

I installed a system on a home in a neighborhood that had had a rash of burglaries - all while nobody was at home. The homeowner didn't care what happened while she was away - just didn't want an uninvited intruder. She had a rear porch with a sliding door that would have been a natural place for a burglar to look for an unlocked opening, b/c it was fenced with almost no visibility. Burglars also prefer sliding doors b/c they are so easy to force open with a crowbar.

One of the best elements of a system is surprise - so I planned a surprise in 2 ways. First, almost everyone who has heard a house alarm knows that they (usually) draw very little attention and are not an effective deterrent b/c they are often just not very loud. Often the only siren is on the inside of the house, and can't be heard from inside the house next door.

1st surprise - an extra-loud siren was mounted in the soffit DIRECTLY over the sliding glass door. 2nd surprise - I placed a pole in the bottom track of the door, and intentionally made it about 2 inches too short. I placed the contact so that the door had to move about one inch before the signal would activate. I also installed an extra loud siren at the front of the house, above the front door, and a flashing beacon on one of the higher roof features.

Within one week, there was a neighborhood watch meeting for the police to talk to the homeowners about all of the burglaries, and tell them to beef up their vigilance. During the meeting, the burglar went to the very house I had set up. The homeowner had, true to form, forgotten to lock the back door. I would have paid $200 to have seen his face when he felt the door start to move and then stop suddenly by the pole as the alarm went off directly over his head! Lucky for him he had to run off to change his diaper, because this time the homeowner was at home, and she was ready with her gun.

On another home (knowing how easily alarms can be defeated) I installed window contacts on the windows, and on the inside of the window shades, where they could not be seen from the outside. Same principle of surprise and redundancy, but this one has not been tried by a burglar that I know of. If the bad guy defeats the window contact, he thinks he's home free, but when he moves the blind the alarm (with multiple sirens in key positions) goes off like gangbusters.

The homeowners were overall happy with this setup, but had a few false alarms until they trained themselves not to move the blinds after the alarm was set. They were mini-blinds, with the contacts mounted to the window-sill at the bottom. This enabled the homeowner to turn them open or closed with the alarm set, but not to raise them.

Think about surprising the bad guy, having redundant security measures, etc. . . Also, try out website or look up security system wholesalers for your area. Any electrician can usually buy the stuff from them (very cheap), and help you with questions - especially if you can find one who's willing to barter a little.

Hope this helps.

David in MN:
Just another aspect to keep in mind...

I helped install trail cameras at our gun club. For the past couple years we've been dealing with people who come onto the property at night and shoot a few rounds of skeet and then leave with the very expensive marine batteries we use to power our throwers. So over the course of these years we've locked the throwing houses to no avail and eventually put up cameras.

Well I can have pictures of people illegally entering the property, clear photos of their car and license plate, and even images of the actual perpetrators but it's of no use if the police choose not to pursue. Then you get bogged down asking for help from a department who will tell you that "there is no evidence these are repeat offenders" and "I can only make out half the license plate" (as though having half the plate and the make & model isn't enough) or "you didn't record any actual damage" or "we don't have a forensic team".

It's all a pile of bullshit largely stemming from the fact that the thieves are Native Americans and the city police don't want to deal with the tribal police or get the county involved so the criminals walk free.

What I'm getting at is that you might have real evidence but it's all for naught in the hands of a police department unwilling to do anything. If your house is vandalized for a month and you put up a camera and catch a guy lurking around with a crowbar and spray paint there's at least onwe police department who will tell you that you have no actual evidence because you didn't really record the crime. It's frustrating and we all know what the truth is but it is what it is. We spent thousands to get useless evidence.

Thanks, Bosham... sounds like your methods may help deter home robberies...


--- Quote from: LvsChant on September 29, 2018, 09:46:44 AM ---Thanks, Bosham... sounds like your methods may help deter home robberies...

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agree with you
Bosham is amazing!)


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