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LASR: Laser Activated Shot Reporter (Training Software)


As a little Christmas gift to myself I decided to purchase the LASR software.  I already owned a SIRT pistol and SIRT AR bolt so this is a great addition to my training options.

The software was purchased and the link emailed to me for downloading.  LASR was loaded in about 5 minutes, I plugged in my remote camera, the software played an intro video, and I was off.  I chose the camera I had and stayed with recommended settings but didn't see the image from the camera.  I shut off the software and started it back up then it linked right up to the camera.  I went to the target settings and outlined a couple light switches and an outlet as targets.  Then I started to play.  It was VERY easy to run and I had a great time playing with it.  There are many modes to choose from and I've just got started. 

I also purchased the optional plug-ins which give some additional functions to the software such as target zones for IDPA/IPSC targets and a scoring module.  If you're not into those sports then it may not be something you'd want.  Additionally I purchased 1/3 and 1/6 scale targets to use in the house.  Now my living room & hallway are a shooting range and I don't need to worry about the neighbors complaining about errant rounds going downrange ;)

All in all I think it's a great training tool! 

Nice. I was just looking at this software. I've got a laser bullet coming my way, and I'm trying to figure out what I want to use for a target.

I found the software that you bought, as well as a similar open source version.

There are also tin cans, and self contained laser targets.

too many decisions. ;)

One of the advantages of the LASR system is that it can differentiate between laser colors.  The self contained targets that I looked at only pick up the red lasers.  Both my SIRT devices have green lasers.


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