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Help me name my shooting school

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Thanks everyone!

No particular demographic. Here in California, we need shooting schools that will get as many people educated about firearms as possible. I thought about targeting a group, but then thought better of it as I didn't want to limit myself.

No Second Place
Defense Class

Remembering my face to face chats with Elmer Keith here in Shreveport La.

Southern California Shooting Institute

So-CSI S-CSI or just CSI for short

Where are you planning on doing your classes (local ranges, your own place or traveling)? What types of classes do you want to offer eventually (tactical, self defense, basic gun safety)?  Unfortunately the culture in LA is so weird that using tactical, shooting, weapons, or other words that sound violent might be viewed in a negative light.  Firearm Self Defense and Safety classes would probably be better received. 

Coincidentally make sure you let us know when you start offering classes, I live in the general vicinity and would love to get my wife and myself some training.

I'm planning to teach at local ranges, classroom work I might do at my place, and if there is any demand for it, I might travel as well.

Eventually, I'll be offering the full spectrum of NRA courses, and maybe some of my own if I end up developing any. So pistol, rifle, shotgun and personal protection, and the refuse to be a victim series which is all classroom work.

You've got that right - the climate in LA IS really weird!


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