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Revised class scheduling for mid-AL and surrounding regions


CR Williams:
All classes will be taking place at Double Tap Training Ground in Calera AL.

November 25th - In Shadow In Light - Bare Bones Gunfighting

December 6-7 - Suarez International - HRO 6: CQB - Fighting In Structures

February 7th, 2015 - In Shadow In Light - Introduction to Fighting In and Around Vehicles

February 28th, 2015 - In Shadow In Light - Close Range Rifle

Information Double Tap:

Information ISIL:

Information SI:

You can also contact me at if you have questions or want to discuss additional training opportunities. Have training, will travel.

CR Williams:
I have three slots left in the Bare-Bones Gunfighting class on November 15th that I'm prepared to offer to anyone who will bring 20.00 for range fees and give me some word-of-mouth advertising afterwards. All I ask is that if you see something you don't like about the training or the instruction, tell me what it is and let me look into fixing it first. Otherwise, just be honest about what you see.

(I am not slighting anyone else who's coming with this, by the way--everybody is getting the same offer. This is basically a demonstration of the kind of instruction I have to offer writ large.)

Let me know by Nov. 10th if you're coming. Thanks.

Can you post something on classes coming up in January?

CR Williams:
I don't have anything coming in January, b_e. I have two classes in February, the Vehicle Fight introduction and Close-Range Rifle.

If you have a place I can go to, I'd be happy to run a class for you in January. Email me at if you want to see what can be done in that direction.


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