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Very cool projects.  Both are pretty.  Glad the quilt did so well.
I'm making afghans for Christmas presents for my nieces and nephew.  I will try to take some pictures today.

The dresses are beautiful! Those patterns are timeless.

Nice work gals.. I am not that talented.



--- Quote from: Cedar on August 28, 2014, 09:31:05 AM ---Nice work gals.. I am not that talented.


--- End quote ---

I don't believe that for a minute!

So, a few of the blue blocks came in too late to make it into the raffle quilt (thread above) so I made a bunch more with different colors, enough for a second quilt. This one is a generous-sized throw for Brian to have at the rehab center and for home in front of the tube as he recovers. Just finished it yesterday and now I seriously need to get back to some paying jobs! (After I swamp out my studio & service my longarm.)

With borders it came out to around 70" x 70":

This one shows the pattern I used (on the machine table).

beautiful ! I have always wanted a homemade quilt, my yougest made one for my oldest for college graduation, double irish chain I think. The next year, she got fabric for a shadow box one for me, cut it out, got stuck, and has been busy ever since !


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