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Front Sight TSP meetup in July 2014

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Just pinging for interest. I'm off school for the month of July and it will be the first weeks off in over a year so I'm making plans. There are some decent deals going on, and I'm strongly considering doing some trigger time in Pahrump. It does tend to be a bit hot that time of year, but between hydration and the berms, it wasn't too bad last time I went in late June. I'm thinking somewhere in weeks 2, 3, or 4 to avoid the week of the 4th (unless a bunch of people really want to do that week). Week 5 I'm back in school. Check out the links below.

Desert Rat:
Please double check their class schedule... they usually offer only "indoors classes" (armorer's classes, knife fighting, etc.) during July and August cuz it is just too durn hot (unless you are a Desert Rat?).  But please confirm.

D. Rat

In California?

No thanks, I do not enter California for any reason.

Desert Rat:

--- Quote from: Mortblanc on June 08, 2014, 12:05:12 PM ---In California?

No thanks, I do not enter California for any reason.

--- End quote ---

Clarification: Front Sight does have administrative offices in California, but the training facility is between Pahrump and Las Vegas in Nye County, NV. Very close to the state line with California, but still good ol' Nye County, NV. And trust me... it is so far from being California that it may not even be Nevada. Just sayin'.

D. Rat

I would love to go and train with some of you TSPF'ers, but I doubt it can happen this year. One small possibility - I'll check and see if it could work.

And guys, consider the heat another form of training! I'm sure they could just teach/train in the early morning, then siesta until it cools off late afternoon. Maybe even some work at night? That's what I would do, and I like dry heat. (Humid heat, no way I hate heat with high humidity)


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