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If you're like me you have a running "stash" of supplies. It tends to pile up due to the little bits that are left over from old projects. There's not enough left to make anything really, but there has to be something you can do with them, right? Yes there is! I'm making this scarf from scrap yarn from old projects. I picked 7 different yarns and warped each string randomly. I did purchase the weft specially for this project. I think it's turning out well. The hardest part is getting the proper tension between all the different materials.

I'm excited to make more of these and clean out my stash  :)

I love it!

Lookin' goooood!

Another way to use up leftover yarn is to make hats with a circular loom.  My sister in law belongs to a group in Detroit that makes hats for the homeless.  Any scraps are readily used up and the results can be quite stunning.

Mullers Lane Farm:
I really like the looks of that scarf!  The smaller weft & loose weave really shows off the warp!

I've done somewhat of the same when I've gotten to the end of my project on the loom and still had plenty of warp left.  I'll use up bits and pieces of handspun of various sizes and colors and make a table runner or place mats or coffee rugs.

Here is the first one I did


I'll also use left over sock yarn to make 'Mojo' socks


And I've been known to make a few rectangular shawls using a combination of garter stitches and random rows of drop stitches out of small amounts of handspun.

Love the table runner, MLF!


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