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Secure interior door/room

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Sounds like a fun project. I recommend lining the walls with spanish cedar and keeping it at an even 70*F and 70% humidity. Then filling it with premium cigars.

As another idea, there are plans out there for making this type of room into an indoor root cellar - basically you need an out vent high on the wall and an in vent that is piped down to the floor - convection keeps it cool and you insulate to keep it separate from house heat.

I think you are on the right track - the goal being to end with a room that looks like you just boxed in some utilities in the basement. I would go with the double studs and look at beefing up the walls - double layer of 5/8" drywall or even use concrete board, which is moisture resistant and good for the basement.

I'm... my friend is lucky, the basement is dry (as long as he keeps his gutters clean...gessh)  Its always cool and dark 90% of the time.  Good place for food storage.  I'm reluctant to ventilate, here in PA, what happens is in the humid summers, the outside air gets to the basement and condenses into dampness.  This particular room is already isolated by a couple doors, so I'm going to keep it that way.

On a side project, and probably is true for many of us, is to install permanent backup lighting in the basement.  Several reasons, one being that's where the power panel and utilities are down there.  Plus, being a finished basement several of the rooms will be dark even during the day.  So when I go down there to either transfer to the generator, reset a breaker, or hook up the generator it would be nice to have lighting in place.   Just a thought.

I assume the GE nightlight / flashlight combos don't count as "permanent backup lighting" in my basement. That's a great point - if you come up with a cheap / simple solution definitely post it up. I assume you are thinking something like you see in commercial buildings that come on when power goes off...

I haven't had any luck with the battery operated "touch to light" globes, and flashlights - to my amazement - grow legs. :)  I'm thinking of a simple starter solar project.  OR a plug in wet cell/charger config similar to the commercial models but DIY.

 Lets just say I have a friend with a similar room.... ;D

  The walls are built from 2x4's, 12" on center, with a layer of steel mesh before the drywall.Then the  walls and ceiling are double layer 5/8 drywall to give it a 2 hour fire rating, and covered with cheap paneling to appear no different than a typical older basement room. (on the outside)  The narrow wall at the entry is concrete block with vertical rebar and filled with cement, and a steel fireproof door with deadbolt and cross-type barracade on the inside. The door has the face of a cheap hollow door glued to the outside, to again appear like an inexpensive finished basement room. There are 2 vents to the outside, one fitted with a bathroom fan, and another with a battery operated tent ceiling fan mounted backwards. (I'll just assume he thought of that in case there is no d/c power available)

 I'd like to see this room someday. I've heard a lot about it.  :D


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