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Secure interior door/room

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concealment is the key for theft. I know some one who had a concrete basement. It was square short of this little 6x6 closet in the corner that looked stupid. With my assistance we continued the wall the entire length of the room in 2x4's (interior wall) moved the door to a little left of center. After the studs were up we put up 1/2 plywood over all of it and then 2 sheets of 5/8 sheet rock. On the inside of the wall we installed sheets of expanded steel. I strongly suggest this step. It is really easy to work with if you have a die grinder. You sure as heck are not going to kick through it, even if they did find it. 2 more sheets of drywall on the inside. You know have a 4 hour fire barrier. As for the door......look at safe doors. The project that I am speaking of used a safe door that was custom build without a combo lock. The lock was made by a company named Abiloy (I think). After the room was completed two book cases were built one of them was attached to the safe door. A big screen was placed next to it and then the other book case next to that. When you enter the basement you dont even know that their is a false wall. If you happened to find safe door......good luck!!! And it would take a Long time to get through the wall.
 The most important thing to remember is concealment. My dads home has been robbed 2 times in my life, once when I was a child and again 3 years ago while we were hunting. Both times my father was away from home for a week or better. Neither time did they ever try to open his gun safe. He also has more silver and gold than most people. At the time of the last break in there was the gold silver and around $2500 in cash not locked in a safe but hidden in card board tube slid into a presto log wrapper next to a fireplace that doesn't get used any more along with 2 real presto logs.
 I also want to warn people on this site and others. I hate to think of it but I am sure that BG's check out sites like these. They might even buy something from you just to start talking to you about what kind of stuff you have, follow you home (or have their partner in another car do it) The only reason I mentioned the presto log is because it is no longer being used as a secret cache. But people mention their hiding spots on here all the time.

Just my advice and 2 cents for what it is worth.

If you’re going to use this room to hide in case of a fire DON’T! IT’S A DEATH TRAP! Number 1, A room that small would run out of oxygen in a very short time, keep in mind the fire is taking O2 also.
 Number 2, If it’s in the basement ALL of the water from the fire fighting will go there and if the house is fully engulfed all the debris will fall into the basement also, ether on you, through the ceiling or around the door possibly trapping you in there.
If you want a fire proof room to store items, form the two walls that aren’t exterior with concrete or the outside and inside (of the studs) with fire grade wallboard double layer with rock wool between, and a 3 hour fire door, also don’t forget to line the ceiling with fire rated double thick wall board with rock wool above that, also you’ll will need to replace the floor joists above the room with steel instead of wood. If you want it to just hide or conceal items from prying eyes then the best room is one that isn’t seen or appear to be there, I. E. a canceled room with a hidden door.


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