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August 2020 California fires -- Bay area edition

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map of burned out homes, but more are burned out not on it yet, there are more red dots in those red dot areas.

I am linking another article on the "rag tag" fire fighters as it may be a helpful consideration for others, I believe relying on "them" to protect us from many scenarios is going to continue to degrade.  SO, read with an open mind and think of what and how your neighborhood could support each other if need be

A large chunk of evacuees in an area that was never affected byt eh fire have left, so looks like internet will now work here again

--- Quote ---Firefighters have also been hampered by a shortage of hand crews due in part to a lack of inmate firefighters, he said.

“That’s always been a problem lately especially now that the whole COVID thing is going and the early release to help minimize the chance of people spreading it in the camp system,” he said.

Even with the added resources that arrived Sunday, Zucker said he planned to remain behind. He was apprehensive about a storm system forecast to hit the area starting Sunday night, but fortunately, the weather system proved mild.

“We know that of course the professionals don’t want amateurs in their way,” Zucker said. “But when there weren’t any professionals up here, we really had no choice.”
--- End quote ---

Wow! I'm glad to hear you were able to find that travel trailer... it reminds me of when our family (with GSD) evacuated ahead of hurricane Katrina. We couldn't go back home for an extended time and we also bought a travel trailer to live in. It was a very good choice, as it turned out. We continued homeschooling and could cook our own meals, etc.

Some statistics, at its peak, 50,000 people were evacuated, which is an awful lot of the county, 1/3 of maybe ?

--- Quote ---“As of this morning, the damage assessment for the CZU Lightning Complex Fire was 97% complete. In total, 1,361 structures have been destroyed, with 132 damaged. 861 single family homes have been destroyed in total. ”
--- End quote ---
from a county supervisor re-posted on a facebook post 

A lightning storm like this in CA is unprecendented.  Maybe it does happen now and again, every century or so, we dont know, but in recent history it is unknown.  So this totally unprecedented dry lightning storm does multiple strikes and lights lots of fires and the upper management of our state government and State ( CalFire) fire agency DID NOT call for help initially ?  The fire that raged thru my area was not addressed, not fought, at all for many days, not fought at all until hundreds and hundreds of homes where lost, and they didnt even seem to know what it was or where it was !  Airdrops initially, before it grow so big that smoke obscured the access and this would have been a non-issue.  If we did not have enough resources, they should have asked for help !  No fire by us will safely "burn itself out" and no-one would think so, it is not the middle of nowhere.  NO helicopter even dropped water for almost a week

Morning Sunshine:
Thank you for the update.  Sounds like your state .gov wanted your area to burn to the ground.  Is that a bad thing to say?  I swear, CA does the dumbest things, and the only thing I can think of that makes sense is their overarching "humans are bad, return to nature" policies.


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