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August 2020 California fires -- Bay area edition

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I dont know if the news is giving the reality of what was set off from that dry lightning storm.  They aren't saying yet because it is that bad, we just dont have the dramatic video footage, and they maybe dont want to admit yet the type of devastation until they get the final count ?

But, yes it is serious, I spoke to a family from Last chance Road ( coastal North of Santa Cruz) all 70 homes are gone just on that one road, alot of animals gone, they had no notice, they had no official evac notice, it was neighbor to neighbor due to seeing the flames --

I am ... Idont know the word, how could they not be able to have had some indication to give notice.

I am evacuated, I likely do not have a home or neighborhood.  I do not know for a fact, but do know for a fact video footage from a PG and E camera close by -- hot fire in the canopy.  I do know our fire station burned, I do know other houses burned. 

2 hours before my phone call, and I did get a call, I was at a friends who is a reporter who was on the phone with a division chief who said it was under control on the Boulder creek outskirts, and that is not close, there were no worries.  1 1/2 hours later when  am back at home a neighbor calls me and says her tenant came to her door with a video of a location clearly way further than indicated in flames.  We start packing, then get the call.  The call is not like earlier evac calls, it is leave and take such and such road and go to the fairgrounds. I started loading on my own in too much shock at first to call local family to come help, eventually I did call, but what I have is what fit in the truck, no time to hook up the small travel trailer, as I have animals and it tales alot of time for one old lady to catch and load such.  I left with the goats, half the chickens, one of the cats, the chickens were in the cab of the truck with me and the cat, leaving room for guns and other safe paperwork etc..under the chickens, my get home bag, go bag and the small bag partially still packed from camping I just got home from.  And the small tent and a sleeping bag and pillow.  In my families car who helped the end loading, a present for the grandbaby, large gliding rocking horse I was in process refinishing and 2 sewing machines, and the photo albums maybe another thing or 2, not much, we had to go. We forgot the cat litter box and the other bag of my clothes left them just inside the front door. 

This whole fire is a HUGE uncontrolled fire, a few blended together I think by the time it hit my area.  There are alot of displaced people and animals and loss of houses and contents.

Lots of bad information on animal placement, just a mess, and other area had been under evac order already.  It is like, well it is after business hours, first evac called at 7pm-ish, oh well, wait for tomorrow.  Eventually the next day money was found ( disaster aid ) to hire employees likely on overtime to build out the fair enclosures, and under pressure from us and politicians who found money, they ramped it up and had uncloseures for some animals by lunch-ish instead of 3 or 4 pm, but does help the many chickens people took, later by dinner the junior fair board, young adults who have their own building with wire cages were helping the small animals.   When people evacuate, they dont have time, if they can get animals at all, it is any which way, might be a young couple in a subaru station wagon with 4 goats and a few chickens.  they cant stay like that in the car with the heat.  That is a true story, likely had a cat or dog.  then there are darn few personal items.

I dont know what the excuses are for the professionals, but the householders in my area had been without power already for 54 hours, just got it back noon sat, the evacs started sat night, so it is not like people could realy keep up on their own with info, but I will tell you, sat night, when I had power, before the evac for me started and the other area was evacing, I went to Cal Fires web site.  Just no information there in any case.  Not even red dot for the fires in our county !  And, they had been burning, likely only with local volunteers until saturday.  News I have tuned into while at the fairgrounds, just substandard, they are giving no information, and initially it was always behind, we tune in Sunday int eh wee hours on someones smart phone, the news "update" is ging information that was new at 7 pm the night before, they are giving a list of evac areas woefully out of date.  Maybe some is better by now, but teh 6pm radio update we all tuned into last night was worthless.  No information at all. 

I would think ny now you all might be seeing some flame footage at least and a few human interest stories, but we would love some actuall information on how the fire is doing.  And yes, I know to some degree this did change fast, and yes I do know they cant know what they cant see yet, just venting.  Tuning into channels and listening, and then those that do that tell us word of mouth, that is how we know and that is up to date.  ANd, of course, they have real work to do and stopping to talk to us they do not have time for, yes I get that

Oh, my goodness! I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this, but glad you got out! Please keep us posted on your situation...

Morning Sunshine:
oh Mountain.  I will lift you up in my prayers.  Do keep us posted on your situation.

edit: I am trying to find information for you, but there are so many fires in your state.  And I know you are in northern California, but beyond that, I do not know in which location to watch.

mountainmomma: I would love to try to find information but don't know what area you're in. The Bay area's a big place. Can you tell me your county?

Someone went to my street and took a picture -- for some reason of my house !  it is standing ! amazing as of noon today

If someone wnat to post here that has a picute page, you can tell me and I can email to you and you can link to here, because it s pretty amzing to see everything burned and my house and car, yes I left my car, still there


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