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Survival Lilly Demonitized - the end of prepper videos on youtube

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Mr. Bill:

--- Quote from: iam4liberty on November 19, 2019, 05:21:50 PM ---The SJWs have pushed hard for this and they are succeeding.  So sad to see.
Why youtube is slowly turning into teletubby show

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I go to that video and I see ads.


--- Quote from: Mr. Bill on November 20, 2019, 12:15:13 PM ---I go to that video and I see ads.

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It depends.  New videos may start monitized then be demonitized.  There is no consistency.  Her most popular videos have been demonitised.  This has happened pretty much across the board to prepee creators.  So they can't continue to produce content as they never know which will be allowed or for how long.

After SJW hit pieces were placed against him overseas, Jorg Sprave started a labor union in EU to try to protect the creators. Hopefully this will help push back.
Welcome to the official homepage of the YouTubers Union!

We are a community based movement that fights for the rights of YouTube Creators and Users. Our core demands are:

Monetize everyone - Bring back monetization for smaller channels.
Disable the bots - At least verified partners have the right to speak to a real person if you plan to remove their channel.
Transparent content decisions - Open up direct communication between the censors ("content department") and the Creators.
Pay for the views - Stop using demonetized channels as "bait" to advertise monetized videos.
Stop demonetization as a whole - If a video is in line with your rules, allow ads on an even scale.
Equal treatment for all partners - Stop preferring some creators over others. No more “YouTube Preferred”.
Pay according to delivered value - Spread out the ad money over all YouTubers based on audience retention, not on ads next to the content.
Clarify the rules - Bring out clear rules with clear examples about what is OK and what is a No-No.
Everyone is welcome to join - we need you! No matter if you are PewDiePie or just a user.
You don't have to pay any money and you have zero obligations.


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