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Choosing machete/kukri for camping

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Was looking for a small hatchet at first, but then it has occurred to me that a machete (as I was pretty impressed by my father's machete) or kukri (they were recommended as "great multipurpose blades") might come in handy.
I know that it might a controversial topic, as I've been looking through some reviews and videos, and it seems to me that there's no ultimate solution.
But which one - from your experience - might be more versatile when it comes to camping? I need a solid knife that will cut tall grass and 2" woody brush and branches with a good swing. No hardwood near me, and that's why I'm considering knives in the first place.
Unfortunately I've never worked with the kukri blades, so I was wanting someone here to offer some input on the pros and cons of the kukri vs. cutlass type.

I am debating on the Cold Steel Kukri, the Ka-bar Kukri and a Ka-bar Cutlass. And I'm looking for personal experience of any of these that will push me towards final decision.

So, any ideas?

I think machetes are better for lighter vegetation and Kukris are better against insurgents.


--- Quote from: Fyrediver on November 06, 2019, 01:23:14 PM ---I think machetes are better for lighter vegetation and Kukris are better against insurgents.

--- End quote ---
     I agree. Machetes can be sharpened to a razor edge but flex too much on thicker stuff. I also think they are easier to carry and deploy if needed. Kukris can take some time to get used to handling.  I do not like the gaiter teeth on the back of my Gerber and stopped carrying it for that reason.

Cold Steel makes inexpensive kukri machetes, if you want to try the concept out without dropping a bunch of money.

David in MN:
The iron law of these tools is to buy cheap and replace often. If you really care about a machete, kukri, sickle, or engineering hammer you're probably using it wrong. Same reason I love Moras. It's $12. Beat the crap out of it. Also bear in mind these are normally tools for hot coastal climates so it's just common knowledge it will pit and rust out and need replacement.

Machete vs. kikri? Ford and Chevy. They both work so it's just a preference thing.

Another option is a Japanese gardening knife. I have one that's equal parts knife, saw, and spade. It became my go-to this year for yardwork.


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