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downloading podcast on moto Z4

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Yep, just tried it on my Moto Z5.  Went to and clicked download on an episode.  It started playing in the browser.

Nice to see there's another way, but a podcaster is so much more usable.

Mr. Bill:

--- Quote from: fritz_monroe on July 24, 2019, 07:08:14 PM ---...but a podcaster is so much more usable.

--- End quote ---

You guys are too 21st Century for me.  If God had meant for us to use podcasting apps, he wouldn't have invented browsers. 8)

Thanks Fritze I will try it now the old aptoid app does not have it now.

I just got a new Razer Phone 2
The Beyondpod is increasingly buggy lately on my phone so I'm looking for a new podcast app. I've tried to look for a free good one on Apknite but there was nothing. That's why now I'm not afraid to pay for another good one. Needs to be able to use SD card for storage, would love if there were a 4x1 widget for it, would love a nice clean interface.
What do you use?

You should be able to long press "Download" then choose "Download link" from the menu that pops up.


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