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new black Berkey filters running fast


Brand new black Berkey filters which I primed before installing by using the off grid primer kit. Water runs through very quickly and I am not sure why. Is the plastic separated from the filter? If so, I need to return them.

Mr. Bill:
Just FYI, 'theberkeyguy' hasn't logged on to this forum since Sept 2017, so he's unlikely to see your question here.

Alan Georges:
Give your filter the red food dye test -- a half-dozen drops in the upper container and if the water's coming out significantly less red, you're good to go.  Otherwise, it could be a lot of things.  I'd check that the rubber gaskets are sealing first.  A little (and I mean just a little) film of cooking oil can let things slide and seal down tight.

You can go to the Berkey store website and ask or go to the Berkey Guy website. I did have a set of filters that the ends came loose. I called them and they replaced them for free. It sounds like you might be having the same problem. They did have a series of filters that had a problem and they have been replacing them for people.

I apologize for the long delay in checking in here,  water can run through very quickly for the first couple of days, this is normal.

Also, I recommend doing a red food coloring test also, using 1 tsp of red food coloring per gallon put in the top chamber.



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