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Republic Metals files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy


Mr. Bill:
S&P Global, 11/9/18: Bankruptcy judge approves case-management procedures for Republic Metals

--- Quote ---... Republic Metals, which has $285 million in liabilities and previously reported a $100 million "inventory discrepancy" involving missing precious metals, filed for bankruptcy just two days after the October 31 collapse of a proposed sale of the company to Switzerland-based Valcambi SA, one of the world's largest gold refiners.

In a filing with the court, Scott Avila, a principal at financial advisory firm Paladin Management Group LLC and chief restructuring officer for Republic Metals and Republic Carbon, indicated the companies are expecting a sale during the Chapter 11 process. ...
--- End quote ---

More details:

National Jeweler, 11/6/18: Refiner Republic Metals Files for Bankruptcy


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