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Opting out of Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is saving us a TON of money

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--- Quote from: Smurf Hunter on April 05, 2019, 03:29:52 PM ---That's my day job.  The only clue I'll give publicly is that our primary care doctors are full-time employees and not contracted out.

We've partnered with a couple christian health shares already. It's incredibly awesome, especially if you have young kids that are sick during off hours.
PM me if you have questions. 

--- End quote ---

Awesome!  I am looking forward to getting more details. It never made sense to me to put a bunch of ill people together in a waiting room.  LOL.

We have a nutritionist/lifestyle coach as part of it already.  She is great, my wife and her even send recipes back and forth.  So will be nice to have doctors et al on call too.

I just looked at the latest core belief statement:

These core beliefs inform our decisions and actions and guide our relationships with one another in community. We ask that each Member affirm the following Shared Beliefs:

We believe that our personal rights and liberties originate from and are bestowed on us by God and are not concessions granted to us by governments or men.

We believe that every person has a right to exercise his or her religion without interference or coercion. While we do not hold that every claim made in the name of religion has equal merit or equal basis in truth, we do respect each person's freedom of both religious worship and practice.

We believe it is our moral and ethical obligation to be our brother's or sister's keeper, in recognition of the principle of solidarity, according to our God-given resources and opportunity.

We believe in the virtue of temperance, which enables us to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid foods, behaviors, or habits that could produce sickness or disease.

We believe it is our fundamental right of conscience to direct our own health care in consultation with physicians, family, or other valued advisors, free from government dictates, restraints, and oversight, including federal or state contraception and abortion mandates and all unethical practices or mandates.

@iam4liberty: Thanks for all this info. We have good insurance from my husband's retirement that is heavily subsidized, so it would likely be more expensive for us to move to a healthshare. However, as time goes on and things change, it looks like a good option in case that is no longer the case. +1


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