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Givinng to Charity

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you want a charity that gives 100% to the people it helps? Here's one for you

I know the woman who runs it. I have volunteered for several years. All the food is packed and delivered by volunteers. No one gets a dime of the money. They helped over 600 families last year.

Now, does this charity ACTUALLY change anyone's life? I doubt it. But then what charity does? But it does make 1 day a year much better than would otherwise happen. And maybe, for some, just knowing that there are good people out there who care, will change their life.

This is why I rotate LTS Long Term Storage Foods and medium term storage to a neighbor who needs help.

Smurf Hunter:
At a minimum, support your local foodbank.  Sure, feeding a family down the road isn't as exotic as global causes, but a person is a person, and locally your dollar goes further.

I've never heard anything bad about the salvation army

+1 for Fisher House.  I've got first-hand experience w/them - they are great.


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