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Do you have a Nessmuk Trio or Coquina Outfit in your B.O.B.?

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Polar Bear:
These are three blade kits that allow you the most adaptability to your cutting needs. Both have a medium sized fixed blade in the 4 to 5 inch range, and a folding pocket knife.  The Nessmuk uses a hatchet while the Coquina uses a large chopping knife of 8 inches or more.

Do you have something similar?

My usual set is a larger and smaller folding knife (like 4-5" and 3"), optional multitool (not really using the blades on it much, but they still count), larger belt knife (ColdSteel 7,5" Recon Scout) and a trench shovel, well sharpened. Sometimes a Bahco Laplander folding saw as well. That's my outdoor/capmping set mostly. Never thought about it, but it's quite close to Nessmuk's kit, I just have a shovel instead of the tiny double bit he prefered. I find a good trench shovel much more versatile, it's actualy my outdoor/survival tool of choice.
When I just go for a walk through the woods around the house, I tend to have an axe (9th century Slavic broadaxe) and sometimes some sort of saw (mostly the folding Bahco again), so I can either get dead firewood home on my way back, or cut some usable material I come by - for drying and later carving, which is part of my business.
I'm not really into large chopping knives much. I do like machetes, for a cheap usable tool, but that's something different. That Recon Scout is about the largest knife I tend to use as a general purpose blade. If I carry a larger blade (9" bowie, smatchet) , I usually mean it mainly as weapon. I thought I will like the kukri knives, but had two and sold them both...never really found my way to them.

 :popcorn:  I carried a 4" blade folder,a Gerber multi tool,a Schrade schf9 (large sheath knife) and a small Gerber hatchet and a good axe head in my kit when out in the woods for weeks at a time. the kit remains the same,but I only carry the folder and multi tool for EDC tools these days as I am unlikely to take to the woods. I have sharp memories of days past though.

Polar Bear:
My setup is a Mora knife, Estwing hatchet, and a Leatherman sidekick multi-tool.

My EDC usually is the Sidekick and/or a pocket knife. (Choices vary on where I'm going.)

My estwing now lives in the toolbox and will never be used as long as i can get to either the Husqvarna hatchet or Multipurpose axe.  They take a little work to get the handle finished and the head sharp but they will out cut every axe i have ever used. 

To answer the question, Yes, Falkniven Forrest and Husqvarna 13" hatchet in the pack.  Spyderco Endura Wave in my pocket.  Quit thinking of the pack (SpecOps THE Pack) as a bug out bag long ago.  It has everything I need, or tools to procure what I need, to walk 500 miles home if I had to, but I dig into it and use most everything on a regular basis. My latest addition to the pack was a small cutting board in the water bladder compartment.  Not something you would usually think of in a BOB but it gives the pack some support and has multiple uses.


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