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Angola just implement overt Capital Controls - or how I am screwed.

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Some businesses that seems to be going strong are:

1- Scam artists. I almost fell for one involving the sale of a pickup up truck, they wanted me to pay upfront by bank deposit and were changing I couldn't find their offices address. Another popular one is work placement scams: pay 1000$ and you will get a job, and for ladies probably have to add sexual favors on top of that.

2- Promiscuity: Young girls asking for money for everything, it seems all of them have broken phones these days ... so just you buy them one.

Two provinces now are suffering from lack of Kwanza (local currency liquidity), which might be driven by the seasonal spending drive of Christmas or maybe bank actual lack of liquidity. Central Bank probably can't just ease hundreds of millions of AOA into the system without worsening the street exchange rate, which is double the official rate.

Change in basic food staple during the last 12 months ... and yes I do not have my 12 month food supply yet because I still haven't finished my house and can't just stuff the limited space given to me at my parents for storage  :-[

Brilliant posts. Thanks for sharing.

I admire your matter of fact acknowledgment of the situation and your methodic approach.

A cryptocurrency based way to get value out of Angola:


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