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I am interested in learning about Bitcoin. I don't want to be a huge expert, I just want to know how to set it up and deposit and pay with Bitcoins. I will figure it out, but if anyone here has any insight and familiarity they would feel comfortable sharing with me, I would appreciate the help. I am considering getting myself an account and set up so I can advertise on CL that for $20, I will walk someone thru the process of setting up a bitcoin account and helping them by depositing coins in their new account we just set up. I would have them give me $50 in cash and I would send their wallet $30. If you are familiar with bitcoin and can help me through the process, I will pay you $20 in bitcoins.

Drop me an e-mail to


Don't want any money. But I guess this will all depend on your client and how exactly they want to store them. Given that you will be advertising for people who want to try but don't know how they will probably not be very tech savvy so downloading client software, cold wallets and all that will be tough for them. I would go with setting up a coinbase account. There are others out there but for ease of use for a beginner I haven't seen much better and I trust them with my cash/BTC.  I trade alt coins on but that's a digression.  I would go to coinbase and set up your own account. Its easy. Basically I would walk them through the setup. All they will need is a bank account and a cellphone.  You will set up the account help them set the password (makre sure you insist they use something very secure and 14+characters with upper/lower/number/special character). Then you will link to their bank account. This next step will mean a 2 day process. In a day or two coinbase will deposit two small amounts in the form of cents. You will then go and "verify" the account by inputing the amounts in the verify section. Once its done then all you have to do is click"buy/sell" bitcoin and then input a # of BTC or cash amount and it will initiate the buy. The buy takes a week to deposit the coins. If you want to buy immediately you can add a credit card so they show up right away. Then you can show them how to pay in bitcoin by going to overstock and initiating a test transaction or how to input an address etc.  Also set up what's call 2 factor authentication, which is basically so when they log in to coinbase it sends a code to their phone they input the number sent and it allows access to the account. This ensures that even if someone hacked their computer and got their login/password it cannot be accessed without their phone. For the average use its pretty simple set up.  Go to coinbase and go through the tutorials and set up your own account to work out any questions they might have.

I have been playing with crypto for a few years and used to mine back when it was still small enough to.  If you ever want any more info on playing crypto markets and trading coins, etc pm me.  Great business idea


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