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Help with Edema (swollen ankle/calf)

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 A friend of mine has a large surface vericose vein in her right leg. A vericose vein is a condition where the vein bulges near the surface. She was born that way with this condition apparently .. It could have been aggravated when she was in a leaf pile and was run over by a car at the age of around 8 years old.

 About a year ago in the hot weather, she developed a condition known as edema where the ankle/calf of that leg had swelled up a great deal. It is stiff and feels like you are walking around with a board on your leg. It never went down after a year. It's the kind of thing where doctors prescribe diuretic drugs. These have undesirable side effects however.  A few months ago it became slightly ulcerated and red around that vein. The redness went down on it's own a bit, but hasn't gone away completely.

 I was wondering if there are any recommended herbal treatments for this type of thing. She walks a bit, but is not highly athletic in any way and is at the age of 57 ..

 I just ordered some dandelion root tea for her off of as I seem to see stuff on the web that recommends that ..


Have her checked by a doctor as well to make sure she doesn't have a pulmonary issue. Watermelon however is a natural diuretic.


your friend should be checked like Cedar suggests (thanks Cedar).
any other suggestions out there?

Varicose veins represent a plumbing problem and typically respond best to mechanical solutions, not medications or herbal preparations.  Compression stockings help, but she may need to consider vein stripping if she's having significant ulceration and discomfort.  Have her followup with her physician for complete workup and treatment options.

I forgot....In the interest of full disclosure, I'm a card-carrying member of the medical-industrial complex, but I have no direct financial interest in the treatment of lower extremity varicose veins.


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