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Finding onion sets


Good luck finding any at the usual sources.
Walmart web and stores. Out.
Amazon, only the third party price gougers are left.
Our local farm store and other sources. Out.

I did find a nice selection here though. First time ordering from them. Takes 2-3 weeks to fill an order apparently.

Is dixondale out ?  They have wonderful starts, work better than dry sets .  It is late season though

Looks like they have stock.  I grow highlander last year, and still have dry onions, although I did lose a few, it was hot in the pantry by feb., then it cooled down again. 

This year I grew out by seed.

We have used these guys though off and on thru the years, intermediate day, copra, the highlander.   The results are so much better than dry onion sets, way less likely to bold.  Onion sets always bolt here, and the starts grow quicker


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