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Raised bed irrigation


I am about to start vegetable gardening again after a move. I am doing raised beds and in the past I had the Dig micro sprayer at the four corners. I did not like that they sprayed water directly on the plants. I was getting some fungus problems. So I tried drip irrigation with the micro system. I never felt like I got sufficient irrigation with that setup. The fungus could have been because at my old location
there was too much shade.

Can you all share what you have used successfully with your raised beds.

I put a big oaverhead sprinkler in the middle of the area and let it water the raised beds and everything around them.   I live in a very dry environment, and I dont want my plants growing in a  virtual pot, in other words, only water in a 12-18" circle at the base of that plant, surrounded by dry dirt, is like being in a pot.  SO I do not use drip irrigation. 

My premise is that I am making and growing healthy soil.  I want lots of live soil critters and microorganisms, and they need moisture.  So, then, having wonderful, live soil, I can then have these healthy garden plants growing among that.  And I do.

My garden problem is predators.  Lots of predators,  pocket gophers, birds, bunnies, quail.  Sometimes I can get an overload of those.  But, a Bobcat started hunting in the garden, so this year I should have alot less bunnies, I realy only had a bunny overload last year.  Thankfully I do not have turkeys or peacocks getting in, and likely the quail load will also be lower this year due to the bobcat.

I do not have an insect problem, or a soil fertility issue at all, moisture and lots of mulch.  Sometimes I will get a slugs, but not bad and easy to deal with.

I like soaker hoses.  Puts plenty of water into the ground without getting all over the leaves.

I like the soaker hoses on a timer too.  Especially in my annual garden areas.  I put them out in the spring and cover them with mulch.  Then pull them up at the end of fall. 


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