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WEIRD ? - Can you soak pinto beans for TOO long?

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It's been a very weird week for our family.  Short story - I put beans to soak in the fridge 5 days ago.  Our fridge is really cold btw.  They aren't sprouting and don't smell bad.

I started to cook them but am curious if I'm wasting my time.

Anyone know for sure if this will hurt me to eat?

PS-yes I know I can just throw them out and start over, but I'm curious and want to learn.

Thanks everyone!

Hi Gringo...

I've never heard of this question, but I can't think of any reason they would have spoiled when refrigerated.

I wouldn't think they would be bad.
Wife doesn't fridge them when she soaks them overnight sitting on the counter.

Give them the old sniff test.  ;D

Thanks all!  So I went ahead and cooked them.  They were oddly bland despite seasoning them the way I always do and they were a little mushy.  So I tossed them and soaked another pound over night.  Oh well.  In a pinch, I would've still eaten them probably.

As I know of, it suffices to soak pinto beans for 8 hours for them to be ready. Try it this way too, should be more than enough.


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