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Brussel sprouts mystery

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I live in the city of Plymouth UK but no matter what grocers (big or small) that I go to to buy b. sprouts, the chances are that they haven't got any in stock.
Their excuses are usually that they're "out of season", but why is it that virtually any other vegetable IS on sale anytime, anywhere?
Can anybody shed some light on why b. sprouts are so hard to get, is it just a British thing or are they hard to get in the USA and other countries too?

Plenty of Brussels here in Las Vegas.

I would guess that it is a supply and demand situation.  When I tell people I have Brussel sprouts growing in my garden there is a shocked look on their face often followed with "Why would you grow those".  They are not a very liked Veggie so I would not be suppressed that they are just not offered because they are not bought.  That said we can get them regularly in the store here in Ohio as well.  Often very high price though.  They are also late season so finding them in season is not when you would look.  I am thinking here they are ready to eat in October from my garden.

Again not an expert but my 2cents.

Supply and demand would also dictate if they are imported from somewhere else.  No use having them imported if you can't sell them.

In MD, USA, all the stores have them, but they are usually those huge ones.  The ones about 2" in diameter.  I prefer them small.

Mr. Bill:
It's probably Brussels taking revenge on the UK for Brexit.


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