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Old Bread Instead of Old Feed Grains for Garden Worms


Carl Zukas:

Is there a problem with using old bread instead of old feed grains to feed worms in a new garden?

On a recent podcast Jack recommended turning a lawn into a garden by scattering old feed grains and molasses then covering with mulch.  The grains are there to feed and attract worms.  I have ready access to cheap old bread/buns/etc.  Does anyone know why that wouldn't be an okay substitute for the grains?

I realize that I should have done this in the fall to plant this year, so I was thinking of putting down the bread, then a few inches of compost, and a few inches of wood mulch to get going faster this year.  I could also tarp the area first, but I'm not sure how much good that would do this time of year in Pennsylvania.


I've use old bread for worms for years, no problems here. 

Side note, if you want to collect worms without digging...
-Just throw a few bread slices on top of the soil
-Cover it with something to keep birds away, I use a brick or bucket lid
-Wait a few hours or overnight to let worms find the bread
-Scoop up the bread along with the top inch or so of soil and you should find a ton of worms

good experiment with the kids


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