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Food Storage Feast co-author says hi
« on: December 16, 2016, 04:15:23 PM »
I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, since I’ll be helping out Chef Keith Snow here at the Harvest Eating sub-board.

Chef Keith enlisted me to co-author his forthcoming course and eBook, Food Storage Feast. As a grizzled vet of other preparedness-related forums in a past life, I was delighted when I found out that the job would entail spending some time on this one.

So how does a kid who wants to be a record producer grow up to write a cookbook?

I was a globe-trotting tech guy trying to get off the road and spend more time on the land with my kids.

Homeschooled from a time when most people thought it was illegal, I grew up in the sprawling southern countryside and amidst my parents’ equally sprawling library, including their set of The Mother Earth News, dating back to issue #1, when it was an endearingly scruffy, self-published affair. At 17, wanting a term to describe my career plans, I came up with “stealth peasant”.

I later married a farm girl from Southeast Asia, who turned out to be a culinary genius. Several children later, we moved to a quiet corner of rural Montana, where we met Keith Snow and his family. We had both moved across the country, out to the back of beyond, for very similar reasons, and we ended up right down the road from each other. We started comparing notes, and our families became fast friends. My wife taught Keith some Thai dishes, and many great meals were shared around our tables.

In the Harvest Eating podcast, Keith once made passing reference to me as the guy who “can’t even boil water.” Yep, I’m that guy. My family had, however, been experimenting with different ways to keep some extra food for emergencies, and I figured that if I couldn’t compete with my wife’s cooking on quality, I could at least find some creative ways to use our storage food.

So when Keith approached me about co-writing Food Storage Feast, I knew that I could sincerely bring the perspective of a student - the person who wants to store food, but lacks the cooking skills that are just as important as the buckets of beans.