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Come and get it!
Food Storage Feast is now being served,
piping hot, right out of our oven.

Click here to enroll now (with $50 discount).

TSP Listener Discount
We are offering TSP listeners $20 off the enrollment fee, in addition to the “under construction” discount offered elsewhere, for a whopping $50 discount. When complete, the course will cost $199, so beat the crowd, save $50, and add a chef’s hat to your preps.

MSB members
Save even more! Log into your MSB, go to "Benefits", and then click on "New - Chef Keith". The MSB price is the absolute lowest offered anywhere online for Food Storage Feast.

What is Food Storage Feast?
You can read a lot more about the course and its benefits, and see some more sample videos here, but if you enroll, please use any of the other links in this post to get the course for only $149 (including the $50 discount offered to the TSP audience).

The course already features 30 gourmet recipe videos based on simple, storable ingredients, plus a wealth of written modules that will teach you how to cook from your preps.

And we are working feverishly to build out the course with all kinds of other goodies, including:

  • Dozens more recipes with videos.
  • More tantalizing Thai recipes (and authentic, storable ingredients).
  • Grid-down cooking tools: The best simple stoves and more.
  • Storage food & recipes for gluten-free and other diets.
  • How to develop a deep pantry that’s tailored to your daily diet but also insures you against disaster.
  • The Food Storage Feast eBook: A cookbook and comprehensive guide to food storage that’s included in the price of enrollment.

Have you tried to develop a food storage plan in the past, and found it difficult to transform the MREs, “astronaut food,” and buckets of dry goods into meals you really want to eat? Food Storage Feast will help you develop a food storage plan that’s built on gourmet recipes and hard skills.

Food Storage Feast starts with delicious meals, and ends with a deep pantry that you can rely on, day in and day out, “if times get tough, or even if they don’t,” to quote Jack Spirko.

When I began developing the simple, filling recipes that have become the heart of Food Storage Feast, it had the happy side effect of cutting my family’s grocery bill in half. And no more flushing money down the drain, feeding expired buckets of storage food to the chickens.

Food Storage Feast helps you "store what you eat and eat what you store," all year long. You'll gain confidence as you become a better cook and build food security into your life NOW, before you actually need it. If you store rice, beans, wheat, canned goods, etc., you need this course.

By the way, we hope you’ve enjoyed the Food Storage Feast mini-course. If you got a chance to try the sample recipes over the holidays, we’d love to hear how it went - please let us know right here at the TSP forum.

Storing food is only half of food security.
The other half is knowing what to do with it.

Enroll in Food Storage Feast today and save $50.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year,

—Chef Keith Snow & Noah Darco
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Added 3 new recipe videos from Chef Keith to the course today:

  • Lentil & Vegetable Soup
  • Pasta with Bacon, Radicchio, & Green Onion
  • Thai Tom Yum Soup with Salt Cod

Enroll in Food Storage Feast course (with $50 TSP listener discount)

With the exception of the fresh cilantro as a garnish, this Tom Yam Soup is made entirely from canned and dried ingredients. I call this high-bandwidth food. Chef Keith says, "Every bite is like a symphony in your mouth." There is so much flavor in this dish you could just about use it to light your fallout shelter.