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Columbus prepfest and gunshow

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Montag 451:
Found on facebook:

Columbus prepfest and gunshow

January 30th and 31st

4411 Tamarack Blvd
Columbus, Ohio

Have been to these in the past, a good event.
That's assuming it dosn't fall thru/get cancelled like last year...

Montag 451:
another link, this one with an email address and phone #

It is a great event. It is the third year they put it on. Lots of good booths and guest speakers.

Montag 451:
Any TSP folks coming? Meetup?
Heard they are trying to get the franklin co. sherrif's dept to do a
presentation on "active shooter" scenarios on Sunday.

Im going to try, have to see about work. If anyone can make it, its absolutely worth it. The workshops alone will pay for your ticket. Lots of god topics.


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