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Fall Workshop in Central Ohio

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Hey folks,
J&S Poly Farms and Woods Edge Farm are collaborating to bring you a high quality, Fun weekend workshop in Delaware, Ohio.

The dates for the workshop are Oct. 16,17, and 18.

We have several guys from within the TSP community coming to present topics such as

Small Scale Livestock by Brad Davies
Plant Talk with Rob Kaiser
Transitioning to Farm Life by Greg Burns
Soils with Mike Vertrees

We will also be having a few other local folks talking about bees/honey, chickens and ducks, and do it yourself greenhouses.

This will be a TSP style workshop
Everyone will be fed well
We will have evening entertainment and a barter blanket
The Farm is 50 acres so we do have room for campers and RV's

 If you couldn't make it to Jack's October workshop come out to Ohio and soak up some high quality information and good food at our Fall Farming Workshop. We are giving MSB members a $25 discount on tuition. Visit for more info and to sign up.

I'm trying to get my ducks in a row as far as someone to deal with my animals that weekend, but i plan to attend.  Thank you for setting it up.

No problem, I'm having fun organizing this workshop and look forward to the end result. I've been to others and enjoy the experience. Thanks for considering our workshop.

I've registered.  I will try to spread the word as well.

Awesome, Thanks! We still have some seats left, see you there.


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