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How bad is Clevland Ohio ?

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 I am wondering how bad is Cleveland, especially as regards to crime ? I saw a stat that says it is the 5th worst city for crime in the USA. This list goes something like:

1 Detroit
2 Oakland CA
3 Memphis TN
4 st Louis Missori
5 Clevland

I am asking because I have  to tell an agency whether or not I want to spend a month in Cleveland for training. After that I would work from home for a 6 to 12 month contract over the web.
It is sort of located in the vicinity of Eucilid Ave and the corner of east 105th street. I see there are museums, hospitals, starbucks and so on in the area.

 They say they will try to get me a high pay rate as well as all travel and hotel expenses paid and supposedly I could fly home on the weekends or I could maybe stay for two weeks and come home for a 3 or 4 day weekend and then go back for two more weeks.

 It sounded like I could get a  hotel close to the work site

 I would rather work closer to home, but I may need to keep options open .. It's not a done deal or anything, I just have to decide if I am interested in the position or not

Haven't been there in a few years, but I recall it being a nice city... just stay out of the run-down areas and you should be fine. I think the Rock-n-roll hall of fame is there (might be of interest to you, surf).

Personally, I like visiting new places... sounds like a nice trip... and it's only a month!

I worked in downtown for almost 10 years - it ended 2/13 (when I started working remote - whohoo!)

You will be outside of downtown and on the east side which puts you in both the more cultured side (museums and gardens) and dangerous side (gangs).

Looks like you will be on the campus of Case Western Reserve - this is a very private school in Cleveland - very expensive. Dr's and dentists go here as well as future captains of industry. There was an attack on the campus last year in one of the keycarded buildings, one of the students was robbed, other than that it is a pretty nice area.

You will be near the museum of art and natural history (I recommend both). The Cleveland botanical gardens is there as well - if you are here on a weekend you should visit. If your training has you stay over 8/15 you should hit up little Italy (slightly east) and the feast of the assumption festival - lots of very good food at that.

Stay out of Glenville (north of you) if you drive through it keep your doors locked and windows up, you shouldn't have any issues, but there's always that one guy...

For the best food on the east side head over to Coventry - coffee shops, restaurants, live music and a very vibrant active night life - families and shoppers, not drinkers and partiers.

I highly recommend doing whatever it takes to work from home - I would take this trip for a 12 month contract.

Have fun - and spend lots 'o money while in town...  ;)

You will be in a very safe area if near Case Western. The bad areas are north near the lake on the east side (Glenville and Collinwood into the City of Euclid), then south (Central and Kinsman along Buckeye Road into Shaker Heights), and East Cleveland (Not shown on the map, it is basicically little Detroit....just avoid it).

You are ok to visit and spend your time there in the University district. Both big hospitals are there and they want it to be safe, therefore they have invested in the security of the area. EDC will be limited to non lethal items, I'd consider OC spray but dont know if the campuses you will be on will allow it.

Thanks alot everyone. I have to think about it some more but I may tell them I would consider it. Taxi from airport to that area or subway ?

 I like visiting cities, but not sure I could live in a city despite it has it's positive aspects, but for a month I perhaps could do it and I would be living out of a suitcase as well


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