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For Minnesotans: A Free Guide to regional wild edibles


Having just moved to Rochester in January from Idaho, I am not as familiar with the flora and fauna of my new landscape.  With spring around the corner, I've been trying to find new places to forage for wild edibles, and figure out what those wild edibles might be. I have already found and identified several new places close to my apartment that will provide quite a bit of forage. I found this guide really useful already for identifying some plants in local parks that had dried fruit on them from last year.  I will be printing this along with more detailed photos of some of the plants that interest me most and putting them in a binder to carry on walks and hikes. Here's a link to the guide I found.

David in MN:
Thanks, I'll give it a look.

Thank you for the posting. I live in Minneapolis but spend a fair amount of time in the woods and will reference this


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