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Does anyone live near Scandia, Minnesota?

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Scandia is 25 miles northeast of Saint Paul, Minnesota, and is part of the Twin Cities Metro Area.

Do you happen to feel like going to a museum? Gammelgården Museum specifically? "Gammelgården" means Old Farm in Swedish. Here visitors can step back in history and experience the lives of early Swedish immigrants in the only open air museum devoted to Swedish immigration in the United States. Adult Admission $7.00, Children under 12 FREE! They have alot of cool events.

So why do I want someone to go this is particular museum? There is a well preserved item there I would like you to photograph 6-ways from Sunday so I can restore the one I own to original condition. If you can go (I would if I could, even just for the events and see what is there on the 11 acre museum), I will pm or email you the details.


Not sure when we might go but that is about an hour from where we live. We are just south of the Twin Cities.

Thank you CMX, I will owe you.


I just moved to Rochester from Idaho. We get up to the Cities a couple times a month.

David in MN:
Just under an hour for me. I'd promise but we're booked hard the next few weeks with baby showers, travel, opening the cabin, etc.

I'll throw it by the Mrs. if she'd like to go. Seems they have some traditional woodwork I might like.

Do you have a timeline?


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