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Those Clydesdales are incredible!

Again, don't you sleep? Nice progress!

 I guess I need to post what I have been doing now too.

Again, inspired me.

Can't wait to see your progress with your team and AI. I always though that AI was a good skill to have if you ever breed large animals. :)


--- Quote from: Krystel81 on January 11, 2013, 04:08:38 PM ---I always though that AI was a good skill to have if you ever breed large animals. :)

--- End quote ---

It is and it isn't. Your ratio of getting females bred is down compared to 'pasture bred' as it can be dicey getting her bred at the optimal time. But with the heritage breeds I tend to have, it is nigh near impossible to get unrelated animals. Like with our hogs, we will probably have to bring in semen from the midwest and for cattle possibly from the NE USA or Scotland.


Electronics — Planned
Learn basic electronics, like build a radio from scrap like they did in WWI. This goes back to my 2012 New Years Resolution for learning electronics. My brother built a small radio when he was in 4-5th grade and I remember it working quite well. I know during WWI they used scraps off the Jeeps to make radios for the trenches. It fascinates me that something so useful can be made out of so little. I would like to know the knowledge on how to make one. So for entertainment, learning and one day could be security.

While we were moving "Z", I came across alot of his solar yard lights which had cracked globes and such. So SweetPea and I picked them up. I am going to sidetrack a bit on my main goal and tear these down to use the solar cells with "Z's" blessing, saving the rechargable batteries and other bits and pieces that I can out of them. I think we collected about 12 of them and alot of them still seem to work. I have a few ideas on what to do with one or two of them already. I figure this works for the electronic learning too and maybe teach me something for my larger project.



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