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M715 Project

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Right now he has enough money saved up to pay me to get it road worthy so he can drive it around and take his son camping in it.

It sure needs power steering. Holy cow is that a workout turning the wheel. :o

Started working on the electrical. Previous owner butchered all the wiring by cutting everything so trying to trace down what is what.

Jeeper, that is a cool project!  I'll definitely check back in to see your progress.

There was a front end wobble starting at around 40mph. The owner put new tires and rims on the beast but didnt balance the wheels. I took the two front wheels in and as you can see the tires were alittle off. One tire has nearly a pound of weights.

I finished the wiring trouble shooting so I got the fenders and grill installed.

One headlight was bad. You just cant run down to the local parts store to get a 24 volt headlight. :P
I have one on order from a military resto guy.

Nice project truck, Will enjoy following it along.

I'm really just cgiming in so I can follow this one on replies.... :popcorn:


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