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M715 Project

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Now this is one very cool project! I do love the look of those older military trucks. Very no nonsense and all business.

NCJeeper, just out of curiosity, did your friend mention how much he paid for the truck?

Thanks for posting this thread! I'll keep watching your progress.  :popcorn:


Owner found some more parts and brought them over.

I saw a spark when the e-brake handle made contact with the dash. Hmm I thought. Checked around and couldnt find a ground wire between the body and the frame. I guess all the rusty bolts holding the frame to the body arent doing it so I connected the two with a 12 gauge cable. I also found the ground stud where the battery cable was attached at the frame was majorly rusted and probably wasnt letting in much current. I cleaned the area with a wire brush, added a bumpy washer and a new bolt. No more spark and the starter turns over much faster.

Also the battery connectors were shot and no matter how tight you cranked down on them they would still wiggle if you pulled on them. Installed marine grade clamps with a mounting stud for the cable.

Got the window weather stripping installed and the windows. Of course the little clips that hold the window regulator stud into the window bracket were gone. I tried using a snap ring and also a washer and a serrated cotter pin but both failed when trying to roll the window up. I resorted to removing the regulators and grinding off the little stud and then installing a 5/16 1" bolt into the hole and welding the head of the nut to the regulator arm. I was able to washer and nylock nut the bolt and both regulators work great.

Sweet. I'm going to be following this thread closely.

Got the E-brake tore apart and put back together correctly with a newly shoed band. Its the E-brake system that goes on the rear driveshaft at the transfer case flange. The previous mechanic didnt adjust the band right and burned it down to metal in acouple of spots. He also didnt install the retaining clips in the u-jount that retain the caps. :o

Got the other headlight in and wired up.

Put in some GM seat belts.

Took it for a test drive monday with the owner. He was  :) :)

Ill get some pics up this weekend.


Heres the driveshaft E-brake with the newly reshoed band. Previous mechanic didnt install it right and wore out the band. It has to be adjusted so there is 15 thousand spacing in between the band and the drum. There are 3 adjustment points.

Got the other headlight in and installed. Also owner found the front bumper for it.

Rattle canned the body. Will be spraying in a bedliner into the bed as soon as the owner gathers some more money to pay me.


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