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Power Hungry State Cop vams van full of children.

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Spamity Calamity:

This is rificulous.

I didn't see where it mentioned why he was being pulled over initially. The illegal lane change is BS too because he used his turn signal each time. It was obvious he was not fleeing arrest. Who flees at 5-30 mph? That is just retarded. Of course, they stuck up for their own and said they were not at fault. The voice of the cop herself did not sound like she was convinced that what they did was wholly right either. Overzealous police officers give the rest a bad name. Pointing a gun at him for pulling over.  >:(

   No offense there guys, I really didn't want to become the TSP "Cop" I am like you and am into getting prepped. I'm afraid it will spiral into a us verses them thing which it has started to look like on another thread and I didn't want to go there.  If you look at my history of posting I don't really care about politics or the deeply thought out Tin foil hat stuff. My focus is learning and sharing with you guys on getting our families ready for things that can go wrong in the world.
   With that said here is what I think of this post.
    It's really hard to watch a video that is cut up with a reporter in between sections and try and judge. I would like to see the whole video in it's entirety. Also the video didn't show how fast they were going for how long they were going. It looked to me like the van was passing other vehicles that were pulling over. As far as ramming it looked like she got excited and bumped into him which happens when your adrenalized, I wouldn't classify it as a ram or even a real PIT attempt. It also looked like it was night and wet, maybe even Icy I'm guessing I can't really say.
  I would also bet that she had no idea there were children in the rig, they are usually to small to see,but they are definitely trying to use that for sympathy. I would suggest to all when there are flashing lights behind you NOT to jump out of your car and yell at the police. You will probably have a gun pointed at you.
  I am not sure if that's what you are looking for, but it would be hard for me to accept the title of this post" Power hungry  state cop rams van full of children"
It's been many moons since I have worked patrol maybe some other officers who work the streets can throw in there .02 cents.

   No problem firetoad, this other thread was headed south so I was trying to minimize being a cop on TSP. Plus like my buddy(Da kat kid) said perfectly today on  an email people will probably think all cops side together like all doctors do and vice versa. It's hard not to because of the experiences we all have.

Well I agree with you on the pulling the gun thing. It just seemed a bit too much. I reflection I can see him yelling as being a reason to draw. Still, from what I see (albiet Bailey is right we only see a bit of it) they knew he was slowing down. I do not think all cops are bad. There are several that are my friends and I respect them. However there are several I have met also who give cops a bad name.


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