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Anyone from Arkansas?

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Not sure how active this post still is since the last was posted in 2012. But here goes anyway

I am in NWA, where I have been for going on 6 years, started getting into prepping around 2011 but due to a variety of circumstances I am not quite where I would like to be, but we are still trudging along

Odin's Son:
Hi y'all, guess I missed this post when I joined the TSPF.  My wife and I are in central Arkansas.  We have talked about moving up north ( north Arkansas that is) in a few years but we will see what happens.  We won't be leaving AR though, we love it here.

Kevin in AR:
Hello fellow Arkansan's.
We're located in NWA and have been here since '83.
I've been a LONG time listener, first time forum'er.
I'm looking forward to making some local connections - any interest?


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