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Anyone from Arkansas?

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Bug repellant is mandatory, also consider Benadryl and Calamine lotion.

Ragnar, what range do you go to in Ft Smith?  I am a member at OFGC.

Might be nice to ahve a meet and greet here locally.  I would love to go some of the other get togethers but work putsw a big damper on that.

I am also a member at OFGC. I usually shoot all the USPSA matches there, but have not been in a while (got married last week, so that has taken some of my time) But I was planning on going there Sun if the weather holds out (does not look like it). We need to plan a meet up sometime soon

Yes, or no I am here I am not from here.

I'm in Garfield, Ar. and the ticks are the worst pest i encounter in the woods around here. i have been told flea colliers around your ankles will help keep them off. i  have not tried this yet but i can see how this might work. i bet keeping one on your BOB will keep bugs out if you put it down while in the woods.

Hey!  I live in the stix just west of Batesville, and want to join the chorus about chiggers.  They will tear you up!  That said, I'm glad I'm here.  A couple of months ago, I was standing on the main drag in Newport, trying to sell a shotgun to a guy in front of his business.  People were walking and driving by, and nobody batted an eye!  And, here's the amazing part, NOBODY CALLED THE COPS!  It was as if owning and possessing firearms was a normal part of life!  GOD, I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

But I still recommend you lay in a good supply of insect repellent as part of your preps.


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