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teton traveler:
If you have problems with your toes getting cold in your boots, you can get some toe warmers. They work just like the hand warming packets that warm up when exposed to air. Another trick. If you also have a hard time staying warm in a sleeping bag, even if it is a good one then just before bed, you can boil some water, then pour it into a nalgene bottle and close it up. Put this with you in your sleeping bag, but not directly against the skin. Not only does it help you stay nice and cozy all night long, but when you wake up, you also have purified water. Nothing beats being nice and warm at night.

Its all great advice. When you guys say to wear silk are you talking about the underarmor type of clothing?  I used thermal/insulated under shirt/pants to keep warm. My sleeping bag is sufficient for the weather I'm going into. I used to live in a drafty trailer back in college. If would get freezing some nights and I would sleep in this sleepingbag and I would stay nice and toasty.

Do you recommend any insulated sleepingmats?

Yes to some sort of insulating mat - a basic 1" blue foam one from Wally world at a minimum.  the insulating loft of your bag is compressed under your body weight and you can lose a good bit of warmth vs the cold ground otherwise.

I have a thermarest self inflating one- seems like i spent 20-$30 many years ago and it works well. it insulates and takes the edge off of the roots and rocks for comfort.

what i have is similar to this one at campmor:

re: silk

Before Patagonia and underarmor made the light weight base layers a true silk layer was the way to go.   But yes that's what I am referring to.  If you exert yourself and sweat a little it will move the moisture off your skin to the next layer keeping you from getting a chill.
more from campmor:
the patagonia caplilene 2 is light weight but outragously priced imho.
terramar makes a $20 treated silk top that would be cheap and an ideal base layer though

Come to think of it... My dad gave me a habbit since I was little to wrap me feet with plastic bread bags then put on 2 layers of socks. My friends teased me but my feet were always warm.

I think I'll bring some bacon and eggs and some aluminum foil on this trip.  Then I can cook some great breakfasts


--- Quote from: womule on December 13, 2009, 04:15:15 PM --- wrap me feet with plastic bread bags then put on 2 layers of socks. My friends teased me but my feet were always warm.

--- End quote ---

I'm not sure that I'm reading that correctly.  I hope you ment socks, then bags, then boots. Hiking in plastic bags all day would be a bad idea, in my opinion.  We did this as kids before we had water-proof boots,  long before gore-tex! 


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