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Post by: swanson on November 15, 2008, 01:14:11 PM

MSG. Paul Howe in his book, LEADERSHIP AND TRAINING FOR THE FIGHT, made some great observations as well as reprinting some decent points by Author Charles J. Sykes concerning the “dumbing down” of our children and otherwise accepting responsibility for our lives.

What follows pretty much sums up the state of affairs we have slipped into in this Country as a whole and the fact that we need to get back in control of things faster than most would admit or like…

How did we let it get this far?... ( (

From Mr. Sykes,

Rule 1: Life is not fair; get used to it.

The average teen uses the phrase "it's not fair" 8.6 times a day...

What do you think?

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Post by: ColdHaven on November 15, 2008, 03:22:12 PM
One of my major gripes about anyone is their inability to take responsibility for themselves, their actions, or their life. Many people want to put the blame for their sorry state of affairs, which in all likelihood, was caused by them in the first place. No one wants to take responsibility for their mistakes or their actions. They complain and say life is not fair. Really. Who said it would be? Of all the phrases in all of the world's religions I do not believe that it says anywhere in any document that life will be fair. Hell, if it were we wouldn't need religion, would we?

I think that kind of thinking has leaked into many people's lives. They blame someone else because their life is shit instead of taking responsibility and saying 'you know what? I really Effed up and I realize that, but how can I turn it around and learn from my mistake so I never make it again?' Sadly this cyle repeats itself with others almost indefinitely. Our government has this attitude too. Its not their fault. It was the Democrats or it was the Republicans, it was the guy in office before me, I had no hand in this, and there is nothing I can do because I am helpless against the evil wolf and sheep's clothing lobbyists...ect, ect, ect.  If more people took responsibility, got some nads, and actually did something worthwhile when they are in office we would not be in the world of hurt we are in right now.

I hate to say it, but consumerism, marketing, and TV sitcoms and such have done a reality mind-fu#k on most Americans. Their sense of reality is warped to where they do not know what real life should really be like. They let TV, the News, their Pastors, and Elected Officials tell them what life should be like. I think that one of the reasons people think life should be fair is because that is what all those people are telling them from across the tube. They don't listen to themselves or ask themselves how they think life should be for them. People should accept 100% responsibility for their lives.

Sure, the banks loaned people money that they shouldn't have, but I am the one who accepted the loan and it is my fault for doing so. If I have a bounced check every so often. It isn't my job's fault, it is mine, and I accept that. I try not to waste time moping or feeling sorry for myself because that will NEVER EVER solve the problem. There are times I have felt sorry for myself, but then I feel disgust for doing so, pull myself up by my bootstrap, and get going on solving the problem - always with the idea to learn from the situation so that it never happens again. Fear is a big enemy in survival, but so is laziness, and I feel that it is a special kind of laziness which does not accept responsibility for their actions.

I do not agree with the smoking thing. I smoke a pipe and cigar. I enjoy it. I could go into a tirade about the anti-smoking people, but I don't want to derail the topic.

Otherwise I pretty much agree with most of what was said. Enjoy life. You are immortal until you die. One thing I would add is that it would behoove anyone to see the oppritunity dormant in any situation. I could lose my job, and I might have to flip burgers. However, just because I fall a few feet does not mean I stop climbing. There is oppritunity in any situation to grow, become stronger, wealthier, and more intelligent. However, you have to take responsibility and go after it. Oppritunity does not track you down, you have to track it down, much like hunting. Its there, and you can take advantage of it if you see it for what it is. Like a deer, you might not be able to see it, and it won't stand out unless you look intently for it. Only then can you take aim and fire.
Post by: swanson on November 15, 2008, 04:13:27 PM
+1 ColdHaven,

I agree with your comments and assessment.

For myself, I am a pragmatic individual for the most part who mourns the departure and evaporation of the frontier mentality that has given this country much of its strength and success.

I believe, as Frederick Jackson Tuner did, that Americans are exceptional and different due to the crucible of experiences that forged our spirit and our culture as we developed and expanded to the West.

We have stepped away from simple living and personal exploration, and invited in too much excess to replace it. Comfort now rules our lives where once we had to hack our lives and living out of a wilderness, and find opportunity in each other’s company as we faced hardships together at each new dawn.

Suspicion and detachment have replaced trust and investment in most our lives.

Now, we barely remember the events of 9-11 as we sit and wait for the next season of American Idol to numb us into another dull stupor.

Damn comfort. I say we need to reach inside ourselves once again and find the Frontiersman and Pioneer!!!

“Of coarseness and strength...acuteness and inquisitiveness, (of) that practical and inventive turn of mind...(full of) restless and nervous energy... that buoyancy and exuberance which comes with freedom...” - Frederick Jackson Turner

“The paths of the pioneers have widened into broad highways. The forest clearing has expanded into affluent commonwealths. Let us see to it that the ideals of the pioneer in his log cabin shall enlarge into the spiritual life of a democracy where civic power shall dominate and utilize individual achievement for the common good.” – Frederick Jackson Turner

Our nation is on a dangerous course where we are about to loose who we are...